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Changshu Free Trade Zone is a special supervision zone which composes functions of EPZ, Bonded logistics and Ports, it is able to provide service like international transit, distribution, procurement, trade and export processing. It is the highest level zone which can provide open and comprehensive preferential policies. FTZ integrates all functional policies of the customs special supervision zone. All the foreign goods within the zone are bonded, and domestic goods in the zone are seen as exports, tax refunds are applied. Enterprises within FTZ not only can have goods bonded£¬stored£¬ processed and manufactured, but also foreign trades can be carried out. Changshu Free Trade Zone previously known as Changshu Export Processing Zone was approved by the state council in 2005. In December 2016, it is officially approved by the state council to be upgraded into a Free Trade Zone. Changshu Free Trade Zone is located in Changshu Economic and Technological Development Zone Riverside Industrial Zone, next to the Changshu Port, with well-established industrial base and convenient logistics service. Changshu FTZ not only provides the convenient custom clearance service, but also enjoys the preferential policies in the state-level development zone. There is a complete set of infrastructures, all the customs, national inspection, transportation and warehousing institutions. All the clients will be able to handle all the import and export procedures without leaving the zone.

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