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Changshu is a national famous historical and cultural city, as well as an emerging port-based industrial city. The city covers a total area of 1,264 square meters, with residents hitting 1.8 million, including 0.8 million temporary residents. After decades of fast development, its GDP growth rate has been over 15% for consecutive years, with the financial revenues growth above 20% annually. In 2016, its GDP reached RMB 212 billion, the financial revenue achieved RMB 36 billion, including the local government budgetary revenue amounted to RMB 17.3 billion. In the meantime, it realized RMB 455 billion of gross industrial Output. For several consecutive years, Changshu ranked among the Top 5 of 100 Strongest Country-level Cities in China.
In 2015, total foreign registered capital has exceeded 1.3 billion dollars. In addition, Changshu¡¯s total imports and exports are now worth more than 22 billion dollars.

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