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Jan 2009, ChangShu Free Trade Zone was approved by the State Council to be endowed with new functions including bonded logistics, R&D, testing and repairing services. CEPZ has become a special economic area, which transformed from single processing function to five integrated functions including bonded manufacturing, bonded logistics, R&D, testing and repairing.
Processing: Besides bonded manufacturing and processing, the companies in CEPZ can also deliver unprocessed goods to companies outside EPZ both home and abroad.
Logistics: third party logistics companies are allowed to be established in CEPZ to serve the processing companies both inside and outside EPZ. The services provided include warehousing of imported and exported goods, and goods before customs clearance; simple processing and value-added services; international trade including entrepot trade; international sourcing, distribution and delivery; international transit, etc.
R&D: R&D facilities can be set up in CEPZ to do cost-effective bonded research and development works.
Testing: companies in CEPZ can provide testing services for high-tech and high value-added products.
Repairing: companies in CEPZ can be engaged in the repairing and re-export of goods from overseas

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