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Road: Chess-board like roads, Sujianghang Expressway and Riverside Expressway join in the zone, 6500-meter long, and major trunk road is 24m wide.
Power supply: 35kv and 10kv power supply are available in the zone, respectively supplied by Bixi 110kv substation and Wushi 35kv substation. Dual circuit can be supplied.
Water supply: Changshu No.3 Water Plant is located in CEDZ, with daily supply capacity of 700,000 tons. The fresh water source for CEDZ is the Yangtze River. Diameter of main pipe is DN 500mm, pressure is 0.3£­0.4Mpa.
Drainage system in the zone has separate rain water and sewage systems. All the rain is collected and discharged into the nearest river.
CEDZ Sewage Plant has daily treatment capacity of 60,000 tons. For the first stage, 300,000 tons can be treated.
Sewage disposal pipes are layed underground, whose diameter is D1000-1500mm.
Industrial gas: Air Liquid, the French industrial gas producer, has an on-site facility in the zone with production capacity of 2000M3/H hydrogen and 10000M3/H. Nitrogen.
Bottled oxygen is supplied as well.
A. Steam: There are several public and big corporation¡¯s power supply plants in CEDZ, with sufficient supplying power, capability of which are 50tons/hour. Pressure in the exit is 8£­14KG.
B. Liquid Gas: Changshu Hua Run Petrochemical Limited corporation has built 6000 cubic meters¡¯ liquid gas tank in the zone.
There are more than 100,000 SPC exchange in CEDZ, which provide communication services such as virtual switch, DDN, ADSL, CNC connected, and etc. 
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