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Power utilization
table of electricity prices according to Jiangsu electric power system uniform sales

Power consumption chargekwh Basic charge
Voltage 1-10KV 35-110KV 110KV 220KV Above 220KV Maximum requirement
(yuan/ kw*month)①

Transformer capacity
(yuan/ kva*month)②
Normal hours 0.602 0.587 0.572 0.499 0.557 38 28
Peak hours 1.003 0.978 0.953 0.928
Valley hours 0.281 0.276 0.271 0.266

*1: Normal hours:(12:00—17:00)(21:00—24:00)
Peak hours(8:00—12:00)(17:00—21:00)
*2: Basic electric charge calculation method ①and ② are available, at enterprise’s choice.
Tap Water charge: 2.57Yuan/M3
Sewage Treatment
After pretreatment, waste water is discharged into CEDZ treatment plant. The fee is 0.2 Yuan/ton.
Sewage Treatment Plant accepts industrial waste-water reaching Grade 3 of Integrated Waste Water Discharge Standard of China.


Service tyle One-off installation charge Monthly rent
Above 50sets virtual net 208 Yuan/set 26Yuan/month/set
Above 100sets virtual net 108Yuan/set 26Yuan/month/set
Direct line(below 50sets virtual net included) 308 Yuan/set 36Yuan/month/set
Digital trunk call 5308元Yuan 3000元/月Yuan/month
Optical cable 10M 2308元Yuan 3000元/月Yuan/month
Optical cable 10M 2308元Yuan 6000元/月Yuan/month
ADSL 1M 308元Yuan 600元/月Yuan/month
ADSL 2M 308元Yuan 1000元/月Yuan/month

China Telecom IP expense standard(charge unit: Yuan/minute)
National distance Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan USA(Alaska and Hawaii included) UK,France, Germany, Italy, Japan,Korea, Singapore, Malaysia,Tailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, New zealand Other countries
0.3 1.5 2.4 3.6 4.6

Labour Cost
Average wage of employers is 30-50% lower than that in large and medium-sized cities around.
Since industry starts relatively early in Changshu, it has high quality labours, perfect training mechanism and large quantities of skilled workers and managers

Item *Ratio by employer *Ratio by employee
Social Securities Pension 18% 8%
Unemployment 2% 1%
Health care 9% 2%
Accident 9%
Maternity 1%
Total 30.5-32% 11%
Housing Fund 8%-12% 8%-12%

Pre-built workshop
Rental of workshop: 12~14Yuan/Month/ M2

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