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As a famous historic and cultural city, Changshu had a large collection of talented people in history, enjoying much high educational standard. CEDZ is the key of economic development in Changshu, which helps it attract various talents
It owns 61,000 specialized technicians and 330,000 skilled works in Changshu. Each year about 4,000 graduates from universities and secondary specialized schools return to Changshu to take up occupations. Five thousand professionals are practiced in local 5educational institutions such as Changshu Institute of Technology(CIT).
Besides, Changshu Talent Exchange Center and Labour Market recruit educated, high-level, and qualified professioals and skilled workers throughout the country to provide abundant and high-class human resource to enterprises.
Employment Training
The CEDZ Labor Bureau has a well-organized and proven recruitment mechanism designed to assist foreign companies in CEDZ. There are many talent agencies in the zone, equipped with talent recruitment net. In addition to self training, CIT, Vocational Training Center, School of Technology, Talent Examination Training Center, CEDZ Riverside Vocational School all train qualified workers regularly. CEDZ also assist enterprises to go through training abroad procedures. Especially in CIT, the HR training base for CEDZ enterprises,. there are 16 departments and 37 majors, including Mechanics&Electronics, Chemical, Electronics, Information, Material, Economic Management, and etc.
There are 295 schools of various kinds and levels in the entire city, including one institute, 8 secondary vocational schools, 41 high schools and foreign language schools, 44 adult education schools, 1 continuation school and 1 special school. There are about 150,000 students at school and 10,000 full-time faculies. Senior secondary education has been basically universal in the city. In 2004, University admission rate reached 93.2%.
Science Institution
There are 40 municipal natural science societies(association, research) as well as 89 research and development organizations in the city.

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