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1、Free Import: Goods which are processed and manufactured within EPZ and taxable labor services are exempt form VAT and consumption tax. Machine, equipment, module and maintenance spare part for self-production use are exempt from duty and import VAT. Machine, building material, office equipment for infrastructure construction are exempt from duty and import VAT. Transfer of raw and auxiliary material, product, machine and equipment between EPZ is exempt from tax.
2、Export Rebate: Goods transferred into EPZ are deemed as export enjoying VAT rebate. Domestically-made machine, equipment, raw material, spare part, component, packing material, and a reasonable amount of building material transferred into EPZ enjoy tax rebate. Water,gas,power used for enterprise production also enjoy tax rebate.
3、Raw Material Bonded: Imported raw material, spare part, component, packing material and other consumable materials for in-zone production use are fully bonded.

4、Policy Comparison


Zones and Regions

Free Trade Zone

Economic and Technological Development Zone



Inspection Method

FTZ Customs provides round-clock supervision services. All the imported and exported goods only need to be filed for record.

Customs provides 5 working-day services. All the imported and exported goods must clear customs.

Manual for Processing Trade



Margin Accounts



Machinery &Equipment import

Duty and VAT exempted

Levied first; Get refund later year by year

Construction materials& office equipments import

Duty and VAT exempted

Pay deposit

Raw materials and parts import

Bonded(duty free for export; levied for domestic sales)

Pay deposit


Once half a year

Upon export of each batch of finished products

Tax Policy

Domestically made equipments, raw materials and parts

Suppliers can get refund for export, after these equipment, raw materials and parts sold into EPZ.

Enterprises first purchased them with tax included, and afterwards can get VAT refund after exporting finished products.

Water, electricity and gas

Get VAT refund

Normal payment

Trade control

Import & export License and quota

Unnecessary(Involuntary export quota excepted)


Good limited from import into China


Pay deposit


Foreign currency revenue

100% kept by the company

Clearance and writing-off required

Writing-off formalities



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